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Splash owner thanks Shoppes on Second for small business success

Local small business, Splash, outgrows its retail incubator space and opens its first storefront.

MOLINE, Illinois -- Local small business, Splash, has outgrown its retail incubator space and opened its first storefront.

Careful measurements, a little bit of pressure, and quick tap -- these are a few of the basics needed to make the perfect bath bomb. Christiana Headley, owner of Splash, has made thousands of them since her homemade soap shop began nearly two years ago.

By now, Headley has come a long way -- not only in perfecting her recipe, but in growing her businesses.

What started as a small incubator in Rock Island at the Shoppes on Second, Splash has found its home at a new, larger storefront in downtown Moline.

Shoppes on Second was designed by the Development Association of Rock Island to help start ups like Splash. It houses up to six small businesses and offers lower rent, affording them the opportunity to grow.

"If we hadn't started in the incubator there would have definitely been some very tough weeks and months," Headley said. "Trying to build a business. it takes time to get the word out and to get regular customers -- and income so if we hadn't had that lower rent and fees it would've been very hard to survive during that first year."

The Shoppes has seen 15 small businesses move on to bigger and better since the building opened in 2012. Those same success stories the ones that gave Headley hope.

"I think it helps when you see other businesses succeeding," Headley said. "You think 'okay yeah, I can do this!"

The Shoppes on Second is located at 1700 2nd Avenue in downtown Rock Island. Splash's new storefront is at 425 17th Street in downtown Moline.