Scholarships available in the Quad Cities

Career Cruising Quad Cities helps students find scholarships available in the Quad Cities.

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois - Kylie Wimer is a senior at Rock Island High School who is starting to prepare for the next step in her education.

"I want to go to a 4 year university that offers chemical engineering," said Kylie Wimer, Senior Rock Island High School.

Wimer was shocked at how many scholarships are available to students in the Quad Cities.

"There are scholarships for people with a 2.0 average, people who are tall, people who are left handed, people that want to get into different careers," said Kirk Marske, Director, Career Cruising Quad Cities.

Career Cruising Quad Cities works to help students find scholarships.

A student can make a free profile on the website, answer a few questions and find scholarships that are suited for them.

The Moline Foundation is one of the places giving out scholarships, this year they have 38 to give out and are having a hard time giving some of them away.

"For the number of scholarships, there are a couple that we don't fill due to a lack of applications," said said Joy Boruff, President, The Moline Foundation.

That may be hard to believe, especially when college costs are high and keep growing.

The Foundation believes investing in students is an investment in the Quad Cities.

"It's the gift that keeps on giving we love the idea that there are students out in the world that we have students now that have come back to live and work in this community," said Boruff.

For Wimer, it's now a waiting game to see who will award her the scholarships to help pay for her future.