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On A Mother Level: The Puppy and the Peloton

What's the better buy during a pandemic?
Credit: Denise Hnytka

MOLINE, Ill. — Casey Cox made two big decisions since the pandemic started - buying a Peloton and adding a new puppy to the family. At this point, both fit into the family in very different ways. It's a silly way of saying that this podcast interview covers a lot of ground. 

Casey Cox is this week's guest. She lives in Dallas with her husband and 4-year-old daughter. Working as a nurse practitioner, she never had the option of a "work from home" pandemic life. Instead, it was her husband who took on a new role at home, a change in the family dynamic that has caused some stress, like it has for so many families out there. 

Episode 63: The Puppy and the Peloton is available right now for download on your favorite podcast app. 

Casey and Denise reminisce in this episode about both getting pregnant around the same time. For Casey, it was a big surprise after she was diagnosed with premature ovarian insufficiency, throwing her body into menopause in her 30's. She now has a 4-year-old daughter but doesn't anticipate having another child, despite people's questions.

"I tell them, when you're told you can't have any... when you get one, you feel like you've won the lottery," Casey said. "And she's happy and she's healthy and she's funny and she's smart and she's all the adjectives you use to describe your own child... But I just feel so lucky." 

From there, the conversation moves to the amount of stress the pandemic has put on marriages across the board. Casey shares how counseling has helped and why it's normal to feel hesitation about reaching out for that help.

"You've got to drop your preconceived notions about being weak if you go to counseling or your marriage is weak because you need to talk to somebody," she explained. "Your marriage is stronger if you recognize that counseling and talking about things with somebody can make it better. It means you're actually both committed."


When it comes to parenthood, we can relate.

Your kids have some disgusting habits. We’ll talk about them. Your husband served nachos for breakfast? That sounds good. You cried today? That’s gonna happen.

These are the ups and downs of motherhood, and we are here for them all.

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