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On A Mother Level: An Iowa mom advocates for blood donation to fight childhood cancer

Jessica McKearney shares the story of watching her 3-year-old fight leukemia and how you can help.
Credit: WQAD

MOLINE, Illinois — What's your mom gut telling you today? Two years ago, Jessica McKearney knew, beyond a doubt, that something was wrong.

Her almost 2-year-old boy was showing symptoms - things she knew in her expertise as a nurse practitioner. When she pushed for more tests, she got her answer. Leukemia. Her baby boy had cancer, while she also had a infant daughter, just ten weeks old. 

That was February 2019. Two years later, Jessica is sharing her family's story in a brand new episode of "On A Mother Level". It's a story of finding strength when you think you have nothing more to give. 

Credit: Jessica McKearney

She's advocating for blood donation, as donor blood has saved Hudson's life more than once. She's pushing for more funding for cancer research. Did you know only 4% of cancer funding goes to research childhood cancers? She hopes that one day there's medicine available that kills the cancer but has less devastating effects on the child. 


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