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Happy Mother's Day: QC residents share what makes their mom so special

"Everywhere we go she's the life of the party," Sydney Elliot said. "She just makes everything fun."

MOLINE, Ill. — People in the Quad Cities got out to enjoy the mild weather and celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday. Several shared with News 8 their favorite things about their mom.

"She's the best. There's absolutely nothing that she wouldn't do for me. There's nothing I wouldn't do for her," said Joey Wolfram about his mom, Michelle Graham. "When I was playing sports, I couldn't hear anyone's voices when I was on the football field, but I could always hear her."

"Moms are just great. Let's face it, they're there for us all the time, you know, unconditional love," said Linda Beard about mom, Bea. "We have fun together. We laugh. We giggle."

"My mom's always there for me whenever I need her," said Anne VanDeheede about her mom, Lynn. "She's always super supportive of all my decisions, and when I'm struggling, she always has a listening ear and will always help me with all my problems."

"She's always the one dancing. She's always the one having a good time," said Sydney Elliot about her mom, Tracy. "Everywhere we go she's the life of the party. That's probably my favorite thing about her. She just makes anything fun."

"Just the ditzy moments I think that we have. When we go to the store, oh my gosh, we forget about just everything," said Alondra Osborn about her mom, Erika. "She's always just there for us no matter what. Even if things are scary, she's just there. I appreciate her with everything that she's done for me."

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