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Local assistance service makes staying inside a little more bearable

As health officials ask us to stay home, one local woman says she'll go out for you. This, she says, keeps people safe, and builds connections.

DAVENPORT, Iowa — For nearly a year and a half, Sonya Wommack has run 'Assisting The QC' - a personal assistance service that can do nearly anything her clients need. 

That includes errand running, house sitting, pet walking, closet organizing and more. She says she'll wait for the cable guy for you, stand in the line at the DMV for you, or help you get Christmas decorations out of storage and make your house festive for the holidays. She'll even make house calls and simply spend personal time with a client, or someone her client doesn't have time to visit. 

All of that, she says, has become even more important in this new era of Covid-19. 

"Some of my clients, I'm the only person that's been in their house the whole Covid season," said Wommack. "There's good and bad to this, but I love helping the community." 

'Assisting The QC' is the only personal service business of its kind here in the Quad Cities region. Wommack says while her cliental has taken a slight dive since the pandemic began, it's become all the more necessary for those still in need of her services - especially individuals with cancer, auto-immune diseases, weak immune systems, or other health conditions. 

"If you're [afraid of] going out and possibly contracting the virus, I guess I give people a peace of mind," she said. "Not everyone can go out and get things themselves." 

COVID update: Assisting the QC has updated their hours and services. 1 review of Assisting the QC "I have been so pleased with how Sonia has helped me organize my home. I am a happy , happy return client. I highly recommend her services and encourage you to book her services."

Wommack says there's also a particular need among senior citizens living in assisted care facilities, that require anyone who leaves the building to quarantine upon their return. 

"If you go out to pick up medicine, you have to quarantine for some of them, so I'll just go instead," she said. 

On the morning we met up with her, Wommack was already on her second errand of the day: taking Walter, the 14-year-old Basset Hound, out for a walk in Davenport. 

"He's so amazing," she laughed, as the elderly dog unhurriedly ambled beside her down the sidewalk, frequently pausing to sniff the leaves. "I just check on Walter when this client is out of town, or if she's busy with work and not able to get him outside." 

After that, she was off to the mall, to pick up chocolate covered strawberries, then Target, to grab some cleaning supplies, before running them all to a home in Bettendorf. 

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She says since the pandemic began, buying cleaning products, toilet paper, hand sanitizer and bleach has been one of her most popular requests. 

"I think the service Sonya provides is outstanding - on so many levels," said Marilyn Sieben. She's been a client of 'Assisting The QC' for over a year now, and says its changed her life for the better, and made it more complete. 

"Nobody wants to ask for help, especially when you've been an independent business woman," she said. "But after you first meet her, you feel so comfortable with her. She's a friend."

She says Wommack recently helped her get Christmas decorations out of storage, and will soon be coming over to help hang them up. This will be the first time in six years that Sieben has had a Christmas tree in her home - all thanks to Wommack's help, she said. 

"But in addition to that, she provides pychological support, in that there's someone to talk to. I live alone, I'm all alone, so consequently I get lonely," admitted Sieben. She said having Wommack around has helped her feel like she's in control, but still has someone to lean on when needed. 

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Since the pandemic began, Wommack has run several errands for Sieben that she says she wasn't comfortable enough to do herself, as she gets older. 

"I think 'Assisting The QC' is probably the best thing that's happened to me in 2020," said Sieben. "By using a service like Sonya's, it takes that level of need out of my every day. We feel comfortable, we feel confident. It's a good thing - there's nothing bad about it. Nothing." 

Wommack told News 8 that it's more than a business to her - it's making connections with each of her clients. 

"It's a business, but I'm also a friend," she said. 

And as so many continue to stay inside and isolate from others, she says those little connections are all the more valuable.