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The 'great resignation' has people ditching the corporate ladder. Here's how you can live of life of purpose, meaning and passion

Good Life Project host and author, Jonathan Fields has been studying what makes a person "come alive" at work for more than 20 years. Here's what he learned.

MOLINE, Ill. — This year many Americans are leaving their current jobs in search of greener pastures. Some people are dubbing the mass exodus as the "great resignation." 

A Yahoo Finance and Harris Poll found the main reasons people are leaving their jobs right now is for: Better job opportunities (46%), More pay (42%), Work-Life balance (34%), Changing industries (27%), Not enjoying the work they do (27%).

So maybe you're in this boat, where you're considering making a career move. But how do you make sure that the move you make is the 'right' one.

Jonathan Fields, host of the "Good Life Project" podcast, and award-winning author, hopes to answer those burning questions. Jonathan's new book, called "SPARKED: Discover Your Unique Imprint for Work That Makes You Come Alive," includes research that has taken more than 20 years, and includes more than 25-million data-points.  

Where did the idea for "SPARKED" come from?

The roots of this probably took hold right after 9/11 (2001), where I was a New Yorker, and I was in the city during 9/11, and knew somebody, actually probably more than one person that didn't come home that day. It awakened something in me that really said, we have one pass through this thing we call life. We're going to spend most of our waking ours doing this thing we call work, so we've got to use those hours well...
- Jonathan Fields, Author of SPARKED

Jonathan's work identifies that each person has their own Sparketype. Each Sparketype identifies the impulse for work that makes a person have a life of meaning. the Sparketypes include: The Maven, The Maker, The Scientist, The Essentialist, The Performer, The Sage, The Warrior, The Advisor, The Advocate, The Nurturer.

We asked Jonathan if he believes a person's Sparketype changes over time. Here's what he said:

My sense is that actually our Sparketypes are fairly stable and they stay fairly stable from the time that we are kids. But at the same time, we may hold values that compel us to step into certain roles, not because it comes naturally to us, not because we have the impulse, and not because it actually fills us up, but we may simply hold the value and then we decide to say yes to a devotional or role...

Jonathan developed a Sparketype quiz which allows anyone to learn more about them selves. You can take that free quiz here.

Once you know what your Sparketype is you may have questions on what to do with that. That's where Jonathan's book "SPARKED" comes into play. In the book Jonathan breaks down each Sparketype to help you fully understand who you are, so you can begin doing the work to align your life with who you are at the innermost level.

SPARKED: Discover your Unique Imprint for Work that Makes you come alive, is available in all major bookstores. Find a copy here.

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