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NAILED IT OR FAILED IT: Using Salt to Make Art

With just a little bit of food coloring and a LOT of salt, you can make a beautiful work of art in less than 3 minutes!

If you need a quick project that has an instant "wow" factor, this craft is for you! All you need is salt... lots of salt. 

On Friday, August 20th, 2021 on Nailed It Or Failed It, we used glue, salt, and food coloring mixed with water to make these works of art

Click the video above to see how ours turned out and share your creations with us by emailing Angie at angie.sharp@wqad.com!

It was time for one of Jon's 'Ketz's Concoctions' Friday, August 20th. He hasn't made one in a while, and Friday, he went 'way' outside the box' and came up with his own drink that you cannot find ONLINE. What's it called? A Bubbl'r Cocktail, and yes, Bubbl'r is spelled that way.

All you need are two ingredients. Bubbl'r is one. Jon had some leftover from our 1st Day Project drive from Wednesday, July 28th. He also had vodka. You'll need ice and glasses as well, per usual. Here are the instructions to this rigorous cocktail:

Pour what you think is a shot of vodka into a glass that already has ice in it. 

Then take the Bubbl'r and pour it into the glass and stir. After you've stirred, you are good to go, and that my friends, is a Jon Ketz's 'Bubbl'r Cocktail.'