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NAILED IT OR FAILED IT: Thanksgiving Turkey-Inspired Treats

You just can't go wrong with melted chocolate... or can you?

It's nearly TURKEY TIME!

Thanksgiving is coming up and if you want another alternative to all that pie, give this TikTok a try and make chocolate-covered strawberry turkeys:

- Big Strawberries
- Pretzel Sticks
- Mini Marshmallows
- Melted Chocolate

Split one mini marshmallow into two pieces, break a pretzel stick into two pieces and place one marshmallow piece on each stick. Dip the marshmallows in melted chocolate and attach to the base of the strawberry to make "legs." Split another mini marshmallow into two and dip those into melted chocolate and attach above the "legs" to make "wings." Now's the hard part! Dip the ENTIRE strawberry into the melted chocolate to create a hardened shell that - hopefully - dries and looks like a turkey!

The best part - whether you NAILED IT or FAILED IT - it's all edible! Enjoy!


This week we wanted to share a cocktail that is good for the whole family! And that's good this week, right? We all remember the "Kiddie Cocktail" and this one has a little Thanksgiving flair.

Start out with your favorite bubbly. I chose some Welch's Sparkling Rose Juice. All you need to do to spice it up is add just a little more color. For this we're using real, pure cranberry juice!

Garnish with a slice of orange (or you can set out a "Cutie" tangerine and have the kiddos drop them in for a treat at the very end.)

Enjoy! And have a great Thanksgiving, everyone! -Eric