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NAILED IT OR FAILED IT: The Disappearing Cup Experiment

It's not magic... it's science!

You'll want to yell TA DA!! after nailing this science experiment! 

On Friday, April 16th, 2021 during Nailed It Or Failed It on Good Morning Quad Cities, we put on our safety goggles and got to work making Styrofoam cups disappear right before our eyes.

It's so easy, you guys. All you need are Styrofoam cups and acetone nail polish remover - the strong stuff. A little goes a long way and make sure you do this on a covered, safe surface so you don't ruin anything! 

Click the video above to see what happened when we tried it. 

Want to know more about the science behind this experiment? Click here!


Credit: WQAD

Eric Sorensen here. This week, I had a hankerin' for something that's gonna be refreshing when the weather gets warmer. I found a recipe that uses iced, sweet tea and whiskey.

This week, I used our locally-made Cody Road Bourbon Whiskey and topped it off with tea. Except, I figured it needed something extra. Take a look:

The secret ingredient is two tablespoons-full of peach baby food! After all, it's just processed peaches. It really does add a quick flavor. Enjoy!