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NAILED IT OR FAILED IT: Creating a Snow Storm in a Jar

You can create magic with some baby oil, paint, water, and... heartburn medication!

Storm Track 8 is not forecasting any big snow storms any time soon, so we're making our own... in a jar!

All you need for this magical experiment is baby oil, water, white paint, some glitter, and - the random ingredient - Alka Seltzer tablets! After you fill your jar about 3/4 of the way with baby oil, mix a cup of warm water with a teaspoon of white paint, pour that and the glitter into your jar, let it settle, then break up a tablet of Alka Seltzer and watch what happens! It's the perfect way to create a winter wonderland - in the warmth of your home.

Click the video above to see how it worked for us on Good Morning Quad Cities!

Cocktail of the Week

You're a mean one... Mr. Sorensen! Not really, though because Eric is mixing up our cocktail this week and it's called - Grinch Punch! Here is what it looks like and what ingredients you'll need:

Credit: WQAD

Click the video below to see what we thought of the taste - and if it made our hearts grow three sizes.