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NAILED IT OR FAILED IT: How to Make Your Own Donuts in SECONDS

I don't know why they're called "Naughty Donuts," but GMQC approves.

It's National Donut Day... which is strange, because there's also a National Donut Day in June. The tasty pastry is so delicious, we apparently celebrate it twice a year - no complaints here!

On Friday, November 5th, 2021 for Nailed It or Failed It, we made our own donuts in a matter of seconds, no joke. They're called Naughty Donuts! Oh my. All you need are some biscuits (not the flaky kind), vegetable oil heated up in a pan, then one shallow bowl of melted butter and one shallow bowl of cinnamon and sugar mixed together. For the recipe, click here and click the video above to see the process in action!

We also showed you how to transform a regular ol' glazed donut into a Turkey Donut! This is really cute and perfect for any Thanksgiving brunches (or breakfast the day after Thanksgiving) you are planning or attending. Here's the recipe for that. 

Andrew kept the donut theme going with our Cocktail of the Week! See how to make a Glazed Donut Cocktail: