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NAILED IT OR FAILED IT: Carving pumpkins with hammers

You won't need any scary knives or artistic skills to carve pumpkins using this stress-relieving method.

MOLINE, Ill. — Let's face it, those of us who are shall we say, artistically challenged, dread those yearly pumpkin carving competitions, especially at the workplace. What starts out as good intentions usually ends in regret and shame as you take a look at your finished product that resembles something more like a preschool shape-matching toy gone wrong. Well, fear no more because it's TikTok to the rescue!!! Meteorologist Andrew Stutzke recently discovered a new way to carve pumpkins without those pesky paper stencils or sharp, dangerous knives. So, keep all of your fingers intact and check out this unique way to carve your own magical creation. 

Here's what you'll need:
-A fresh, clean pumpkin that has the insides removed.
-Safety glasses
-Halloween themed cookie cutters

Credit: WQAD
No knives required!!! Just hammer the cookie cutter into the pumpkin!

The execution is simple. You'll place the cookie cutter on the pumpkin and then smash it in with the hammer. Now, one thing to watch has Jonathan Ketz found out this morning. Make sure the actual cutting side of the cookie cutter is face down in the pumpkin, not face up. Otherwise, you'll have a hard time getting that cutter into the pumpkin. 

Credit: WQAD
Jon didn't realize the cookie cutter was upside down. The result? A smashed cookie cutter. Don't do this.

Hammer away until the entire cookie cutter is fully submerged into the pumpkin. Then, take your hammer inside the pumpkin and begin pounding the cut piece and cutter back out of the pumpkin. Viola! You've got a single carving done! Repeat this process a few more times, insert your tea light candle, and you've got a masterpiece (and all of your fingers) ready for Halloween festivities. Enjoy!

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