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Summer may be coming to an end but we are holding on to it as much as we can with DIY Flower Crowns!

Well, it feels like summer is coming to an end but we are holding on to the last bit of warm weather and flowers we still have.

For this week's Nailed It or Failed It Segment, Angie was out so I filled in and helped Jonathan and Eric make Flower Crowns.


I got the idea from a woman named Allison Howard of Crowning Event out of Chicago who holds classes and makes her own flower crowns! I wanted to help everyone in the Quad Cities feel like a king or queen in some awesome crowns and chose this project for this weeks "Nailed It or Failed It."


You can make the crown with less than $10 and with only four supplies.


Floral wire

Floral tape

Flowers (real or fake)

Wire cutters


I chose to use fake flowers to make the crown last forever.

Step 1: Use the floral wire to make a circular shape and measure from the top of your head, around and down to the nape of your neck, then cut if necessary. I used two floral wire sticks and twisted it to hold it together. You can also use plain floral wire. Tape the circle shut with floral tape (you’ll want to wrap the tape around the wire several times).

Step 2: Pick your flowers! Place each stem onto the floral wire and lay them in the same direction as you make your way around the circle. Use the floral tape to wrap around the stem of the flowers and the floral wire..

Step 3: Repeat with as many flowers as you'd like until half or all of the circle of the crown is complete to your liking!

Step 4: SLAY

Did you make it? If so send me your pics to jesyka.dereta@wqad.com. Have an amazing weekend!