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NAILED IT, OR FAILED IT: Creating our own StormTrack 8 cloud chart

We're looking at clouds in this neat craft project that makes identifying them easy!

MOLINE, Ill. — This week we're looking to the sky for inspiration on a fun and educational craft that is perfect for the younger kids. For this project you'll need:

-Cotton balls
-Sturdy construction/craft paper in the color of your choice
-School glue or a glue stick
-Gray or Black Marker with a thick tip

Take two pieces of construction paper and glue them together vertically. Make sure you have enough room to create the entire depth of the atmosphere. We're going to be placing clouds where they typically form at their respective heights. 

See the attached sheet for the labels of the most common clouds we see here in the Quad Cities. You can print this sheet out and then use your scissors to separate the labels and then glue them to the construction paper at their respective heights. 

Credit: WQAD

Next, reference the cloud chart below to see where your clouds should be placed on the chart and how they should appear. Try and mold your cotton balls to mimic the appearance of each cloud shape and size. In order to make some of the rain and storm clouds appear more realistic, you can accent them with darker shades of gray and black using the markers. Lightly brush the bottom couple of rows of cotton balls to create this effect. 

Credit: NOAA

The finished product should look something like this. The cumulonimbus cloud will be the largest one of the bunch. This cloud structure is associated with thunderstorms that can reach miles high up into the atmosphere. You can even add the "sheared off anvil" effect to the top of the cloud by stretching some cotton and drifting it to the right of the storm cloud. 

It was time for Ketz's Concoction Friday, August 27th, and once again, Jon went the simple route. He decided to make a UV Cherry Mountain Dew.

It is simple. Friday, August 20th, his Ketz's Concoction could not be found online. This week though, it could be. Here's all you need: glasses, ice, a shot glass, spoons, Mountain Dew, and UV Cherry Vodka. 

Take your glasses, put some ice in it, take a shot of UV Cherry vodka, put it in the glasses, then fill the rest of it with Mountain Dew. Stir up the drink and enjoy. There you have it, A UV Cherry Mountain Dew.