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NAILED IT OR FAILED IT: Edible Christmas trees and a craft for the kiddies

Friends… Christmas is coming! That means two things – 1) It’s probably a good time to start shopping (Ahem, Jon…) and 2) We only have ti...

Friends... Christmas is coming! That means two things - 1) It's probably a good time to start shopping (Ahem, Jon...) and 2) We only have time for two Christmas-y Nailed It Or Failed It Segments!

This week's theme is Christmas Trees. I found two crafts - one that's edible and one for kids. The first craft are these Pretzel Rod Christmas Trees from the blog, Frugal Coupon Living. All you need are a bag of pretzel rods, a bag of green candy melting chips, and some sprinkles or anything edible to decorate your tree. Click the video above to see how we made them.

The second craft is this Magnetic Christmas Tree from the blog, I Heart Arts N Crafts (so do I!). I think this is a great activity for kids who aren't old enough - or tall enough! - to help you decorate your actual tree. As the blog says, it's also a nice quiet time activity and who can argue with that this time of year? I found everything I needed at a local craft store - all of the decorations came from the Little Christmas Tree product line, which is on super duper sale right now. Click the video below to see what ours looks like!

NEXT WEEK - I have some easy things you can make to make your Christmas MAGICAL. Stay tuned!