NAILED IT OR FAILED IT: Changing Weather Calls for Weather Crafts

Meteorologist Morgan Strackbein took over Nailed it or Failed it with weather related crafts!

Storm Track 8 Meteorologist Morgan Strackbein is taking over Nailed It or Failed It this week!

On Friday, October 4th, Morgan temporarily took over for Angie and showed Jon and Eric how to make a couple of weather-related crafts:


1) Paper Lantern Clouds

All you need for your oh-so-cool cloud is a paper lantern, which can be bought from Walmart, cotton fluff found in the craft section and a hot glue gun.

Assemble the paper lantern and glue on sections of the cotton fluff until your cloud is fluffed to satisfaction!

You can most definitely add lights to make your cloud illuminate, but make sure that the lights are LED and don't create heat.

For more information, click here. 

2) Rain Drop Sun Catchers

These rain drop sun catchers can be personalized. For a fun fall twist, you can make leaves from brown and orange crayons. Using a stick or a little branch would add the effect that the leaves are falling from a tree!

Click here for the instructions for the sun catchers and remember to put something behind the wax paper as it can bleed!


Morgan kept the weather theme going for Cocktail of the Week.

If you enjoy Moscow Mules, then you will love a Dark & Stormy. This cocktail will be perfect to make when skies become dark and you listen to the thunder rumble.

For a Dark & Stormy recipe, click here.