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NAILED IT OR FAILED IT: A Popcorn Experiment and TikTok Trend

National Popcorn Day is upon us, and we're celebrating in some strange ways!

Anyone can just eat a bowl of popcorn to celebrate National Popcorn Day, but we are not just anyone.

For Nailed It Or Failed It on Friday, Jan. 14, we celebrated the upcoming holiday two ways - with a science experiment and a recipe that is trending on TikTok.

The science experiment only involves two ingredients - popcorn kernels and salt. Apparently, you can shake the two up in a jar but they won't mix with each other! Click here for more information, and try it out yourself!

The recipe is called popcorn cereal. You pop some popcorn, put it in a bowl, then cover it with milk and drizzle some honey on top. Is it good? You be the judge! Click the video above to see what the GMQC team thought of it!