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How to save on back-to-school shopping with coupons

Saving is more important now than ever during back-to-school season during a pandemic.
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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Kids go back to school on Monday and just because most will be learning from home, doesn't mean they won't need school supplies. The National Retail Federation says families spend almost $670 per child when back to school shopping. That's already a large amount add about 2 million unemployment claims filed in North Carolina since March and it's clear that saving is more important than ever.

WFMY News 2's Maddie Gardner spoke to an expert about some ways to shop smart.

"We know how tough it can be to shop, especially for back to school and really for anything during COVID-19 and throughout this whole pandemic, so we're here to help folks earn cashback, were here to help them save when they do their shopping for back to school or otherwise," Andrew Gretchko said.

Gretchko works for Coupon Cabin - a company with an A+ rating through the BBB that helps people save money when they shop. He says there are some easy ways to save this back to school season, starting with coupons.

"Whether that's a digital coupon that we use a lot these days or printable coupon for those who still want to go in the stores, just make sure that you're taking advantage of all the deals you can all the cash back you can," Gretchko said.

You can search for coupons online before you shop and remember, stores want you to spend your money with them, so take advantage of the markdowns.  

"We found some pretty incredible deals at Staples at Walmart," Gretchko said. "There are really deals all over, you know, back to school is a time where everybody is really trying to reach consumers and understanding that moms and dads all over the country are going to the stores trying to save."

Most people think of office supply stores when it comes to back to school shopping but you may find better deals and high-value sales at a local craft stores. If you're looking for staple items, don't forget about dollar stores. Finally, if you have to buy brand name... 

"I really like the idea of taking advantage of coupons for brand names, we know that you can get some of those inexpensive items and obviously there are coupons for those, but when you search for brand names, and of course a lot of kids are looking for brand-name goods, make sure you're taking advantage of deals on those," Gretchko said.

You can see a full list of Coupon Cabin's ways to save here.