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Nursing Home Surprised with Valentines

How One Facebook Post Led to Nursing Home Residents in Moline Receiving Hundreds of Valentines Day Cards.

EAST MOLINE, Ill. — Acts of kindness flooded through Hope Creek's doors as valentines arrived Sunday Morning. Activity Coordinator, Cheryl Campbell, said when they made a post on Facebook asking for valentines, they didn’t expect to get so many. The nursing home received hundreds of cards from across the nation.

 “We’ve opened some from Texas, LeClaire, and different spots in Iowa and Illinois” said Campbell.

Since the start of COVID-19, widespread feelings of loneliness have become a commonality between communities. While states begin to lift restrictions, some individuals are still suck in phase one.

Resident’s at Hope Creek Nursing Home recalled the sudden shift in their daily lives last March. Resident Carol Deyo joined the nursing home less than a year before the mandated lock down took place. 

“We had to stay there in our rooms all day long. We couldn’t leave. The only time we could leave was to use the bathroom or take a shower."

The residents still face tight restrictions. Deyo says she is still served meals inside of her room, while resident Karen Decker said she feared that her own reflection would be the only thing she'd ever see.

 Hope Creek’s faculty saw the need for extra love, and the residents appreciated it.

 “This is just so spectacular”, said Decker, “It’s nice to know we are loved.”