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Chef Scott: Ham, Cheese and Apple sandwich

Grilled ham and cheese. The name says it all. But how about a twist for your midday lunch?

BETTENDORF, Iowa - Grilled ham and cheese.  The name says it all.  But how about a twist for your midday lunch?

Chef Brad Scott from Scott Community College offers up something new.

Ingredients include apple butter, Texas toast, shaved ham, Wisconsin colby jack cheese, and some apples.

1. Butter the bread with Chef's butter
2. Flip over, spread with apple butter
3. Add thinly sliced apples
4. Add about 1 1/2 ounce thinly shaved ham (three slices)
5. Thin slice of colby jack cheese
6. Heat your saute pan and cook the sandwich two minutes on each side
7. Flip sandwich, place saucer to weigh the sandwich on the pan for the last two minutes

A little apple and we have transformed this ham and cheese sandwich into a great meal.   Enjoy!