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On A Mother Level: You Are Enough

A mom of 3 on her honesty-first policy with her daughters when it comes to social media and sex
Credit: WQAD

MOLINE, Ill. — Editor's Note: Podcast contains some strong language

Jennifer Vondracek is the mother of 3 daughters, who speaks honestly about all things motherhood.

She has been practicing yoga for 15 years, specializing in working with all ages including therapeutic yoga for children and teens. She talks about the loss of yoga in our lives during the pandemic and the class she misses teaching the most. But the conversation takes many turns, from learning to co-parent after a divorce to keeping her daughters off social media. Jennifer also talks about the sacrifices she made in her career when her daughters were young and how those decisions impacted her life now. Jennifer also calls out host Denise Hnytka for negative self talk.

You can find Jennifer teaching yoga classes at One Tree Hot Yoga in Davenport, Iowa.

Credit: Denise Hnytka

Listen to the episode by clicking on the player below or downloading "On A Mother Level" episode 71 on your favorite podcast app.


When it comes to parenthood, we can relate.

Your kids have some disgusting habits. We’ll talk about them. Your husband served nachos for breakfast? That sounds good. You cried today? That’s gonna happen. 

These are the ups and downs of motherhood, and we are here for them all.

Join WQAD News 8 anchor Denise Hnytka as she explores parenthood on a MOTHER level. She’s opening up about what makes being a mom the best/worst/most amazing/unexpected adventure in life.

You’ll meet unstoppable moms who handle the home life while launching their own businesses. And we’ll teach the men a thing or two about multi-tasking when we explore parenthood through their eyes.

New episodes available weekly.

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