Why Your Best Valentine Might Be Your Dog

Rover.com Releases 2020 Valentine's Day Dog report
Credit: WQAD

Valentine's Day is going to the dogs!

Rover.com recently released its 2020 Valentine's Day Report and they've come to a simple conclusion - We really, really, really, REALLY love our four-legged Valentines.

Here's some of their findings:

- 25% of people plan to take their dog on a date for Valentine's Day

- 62% of pet owners say they plan to buy a gift for their dog

- 69% say the plan to surprise their pup with a favorite Valentine's Day snack or treat

Credit: Rover.com

- 56% of people in relationships agree that they spend more time together as a couple when they have a dog

- 71% say they are more attracted to their partner after seeing how they care of their dog

- 86% agree that having a dog makes them feel more like a family

Credit: Rover.com

Happy Valentine's Day to all of your furry friends!