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Concrete mixer truck parade honors 58-year worker

It might've been a strange sight to see this many mixer trucks all at once, but the company was celebrating an extremely dedicated worker.

DONAHUE, Iowa — If you were in Donahue, Iowa Friday afternoon and were confused as to why there was a parade of over a dozen cement mixers; don't worry, they weren't heading to construction.

Hahn Ready Mix organized the parade consisting of 15-20 trucks to celebrate an employee, Larry Oetzmann, who has driven mixers for the company for 58 years.

Oetzmann joined the Han's workforce in 1962, and has gone through 12 or 13 trucks in his time with the company. 

He's considered retired many times, but in his own words, "My Dad said never quit the job you got until you find a better one, I don't know... Gotta have something to do and I like doing it."