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Farmers to Families Moves Location

The Program Helping Families in Need Moves to a Bigger Location.

DAVENPORT, Iowa — The USDA program “Farmers to Families” fights to feed families who are in need of additional support. The program offers boxes of food – the size of the box varying on the number of people in each family – to those who were hit hard by the ongoing pandemic.

Volunteer Ken Croken says the program is more than just extra food.

 “For many of them.. this is a godsend. This is the difference between eating and not eating, so its critically important that program’s like this continue to operate,” Croken said.

The program announced its move to a bigger location. The move was necessary in order to accommodate the growing amount of families in need of the service. Farmers to Families food box distribution is now located in the Florian Keene parking lot at Modern Woodmen Park, and is open for drive-thru most Friday afternoons.