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Trust us, you can't just shoo geese away from their nests

It's that time of year. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says they understand geese can be a nuisance, but eliminating them isn't something they can do.

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — It's a sight a lot of Iowans are seeing— geese deciding to build their nest in some of the most random spots.

For us at Local 5, that area is right outside our window. 

A "lovely" goose couple decided that area would be the best place to settle. As of Friday evening, the couple is guarding five eggs in their nest. 

It's not uncommon for geese to claim their stake within cities. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has been called out to several places this year already to handle nesting geese. 

Here's the thing— once a nest is built, it's not a good idea to move it. 

"If they aren't affecting your health or safety, enjoy nature," said Dustin Eighmy with the Iowa DNR. "We do understand they can be a pest or a nuisance, but just eliminating them all together... we can't do that." 

People have tried using tricks like lasers, dogs, coyote cutouts and more to keep geese out. However, those tricks need to be used before geese decide to settle down. 

Geese are also pretty aggressive, a few of our employees have learned that first hand. 

Local 5 did some digging on the mother goose outside our station window. She has a band on her leg that shows she is part of the North American Bird Banding Program. 

The federal government uses these bands to study the movement and survival of birds. About 60 million birds have been banded in North America since the early 1900s. 

Since these birds are here to stay, Local 5 is setting up a live stream for viewers to watch them. 

Watch the stream below or on Local 5's YouTube channel