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Spotlight Theatre ends first show back since pandemic

After a two-week run, the Spotlight Theatre closed its first production since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown."

MOLINE, Ill. — The Spotlight Theatre in Moline ended its two-week run of "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown," the venue's first show since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Illinois entered phase 5 while the performance this past weekend, while the show was in its second week. This means the theater was able to return to full capacity. Yet, due to late notice, the show maintained the same amount of attendees, about 85 per show. 

Owner of the Spotlight Theatre Brent Tubbs said, "It's been phenomenal actually being open and having an audience in here again has been just a huge joy." Tubbs said, "everything's kind of behind us."

Though the amount of attendees did not change from the bridge phase to phase five, the cast did not lose any of their enthusiasm. 

Cast member Keegan Walker said, "It's been really nice to get back to it and everything, you know like, you know theater is just something that I have really enjoyed doing it's, you know, just, I can't even describe how grateful I am to be back on stage and to be working with other people around me just everybody involved with this show is just so talented that I've considered it a privilege to work with them and with everybody."

Tubbs has high hopes that future productions this summer will have a higher turnout as the community gets used to being back to the new normal.

For more information about future shows check out their website here.