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'Stay connected, not infected': QC area siblings share their best advice on getting through the coronavirus pandemic

If you've been having trouble explaining stay-at-home orders and social distancing to your kids, a pair of Princeton, Illinois kids have you covered.
Credit: Steve Morton
Ava and Noah Morton

PRINCETON, Iowa — Your kids might be wondering how they should be taking this period of staying at home away from school and friends. A brother-sister duo from Princeton, Illinois is putting that advice into words they can understand. 

Inspired by the YouTube channel DudePerfect, Ava and and Noah Morton, 13 and 11, put together the YouTube video "Stay Connected, Not Infected! Covid-19 Survival Guide!" filled with quarantine advice and exciting trickshots. 

The kids give brief, quippy advice on all sorts of relevant topics, including social distancing, healthy eating, electronics usage, and household upkeep while making each tip seem even cooler by incorporating simple and thematic tricks into each point. The video makes for a helpful guide to staying healthy and active during COVID-19 stay-at-home orders while making it it simple to understand and exciting for kids to watch.

Their father, Steve, may have helped them come to fruition, but according to him, it was all the kids' idea. "With nothing to do in quarantine but watch Dude Perfect videos, inspiration to create a fun kid-friendly survival guide struck. Noah planned the trick shots with Ava doing most of the editing.  She even made the YouTube channel herself.  She already is working on the blooper reel, and they have a goal of 1,000 subscribers!", he told News8.

Ava explains the energy and upbeat nature of their piece, saying "“We wanted to spread some positivity!”