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Identical twins unexpectedly give birth to sons on the same day

Experts have previously estimated that the odds of something similar happening to twin sisters are around 4 in 100,000.

FARRAGUT, Tenn. — A set of identical twins in Farragut unexpectedly give birth to their sons on the very same day, and just minutes apart.

Amanda Caston gave birth to her little boy Miles and her sister, Julia Baldree gave birth to a new set of twins, Josiah and Carter, within the same hour on March 28, 2022. Amanda and Julia said they have been inseparable their whole lives.

"We used to always trick our dad and he would never be able to tell the difference," Caston said. "We always had somebody to play with or argue with, it was a lot of fun.”

They are identical twins who grew up doing everything together. The sisters had a running joke throughout their pregnancies that they would give birth on the same day. The girls never thought it would actually happen.

But then, suddenly, it did.

"I was due April 2 and she was due April 22," Caston said. "All three of the boys came March 28 within an hour of each other."

The sisters went through pregnancy together, sharing each milestone and preparing for the future.

"We were texting and Facetiming up until the hour before and the hour after they were born," Caston said.

A mathematics professor at a New Jersey community college has previously estimated that the odds of identical twins giving birth on the same day, and one of the births being to another set of twins, are around 4 in 100,000. It means the next generation of their family will be able to celebrate their birthday together — just like twin moms Amanda and Julia.

"It's not often that you hear of twins having twins and another on the same day within the same hour and all being boys," Caston said. "They'll always have best friends to hang out with through childhood, like we did."

Baby Miles, Josiah and Carter are all also flipping the script on a previous generation entirely made up of girls. They are three boys the family hopes to raise to be as tight-knit as triplets.

"We've all just had girls, everyone's just had girls and then, surprise! Three boys," Caston said. "I hope they realize how much their family loves them because we love all of them very much and it's exciting to have all three of them within the family."

That whole family is gearing up to go on their first-ever trip to a Twin Fest in Twinsburg, Ohio. It's in August and is known as the largest gathering of twins in the world.


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