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Davenport escape room draws in community to learn about the dangers of vaping

E-Scape the Vape and find all of the clues in this Davenport escape room

DAVENPORT, Iowa — Over the years escape rooms have become more and more popular shifting from a fun experience to an educational one as well.

When you walk into E-Scape the Vape in Davenport, the new escape room looks like a typical bedroom but the bed isn't made for sleeping. It's a piece of the room's puzzle participants only have 30 minutes to solve.

"I'm kinda a big escape room enthusiast," said Jason Otten who helped create the room. "I wrote the script and kinda put the puzzles together and then as a team we worked together to create all the clues."

Otten and his team at Unity Point-Trinity teamed up with the Center for Alcohol and Drug Services to create the escape room.

Clues and facts are hidden around the room revolving around the dangers of vaping. The goal is to help people understand how and why they should quit vaping. 

With adrenaline pumping not all of the information in the escape room is comprehended fully.

"They [participants] retain some information but not all the information that we'd like them to," Kennon Neal, an organizer said.

The E-Scape the Vape team thought ahead and created a second room that reviews everything participants may have learned.

"All that information was collected by the youth development bureaus at North High School so we use that as a way to educate them outside the experience because while they are in here you know the clock is running and the adrenaline is pumping," Neal said.

Organizers say understanding, prevention and education all go hand-in-hand when dealing with addiction. 

"If we can meet them in the beginning and educate them then hopefully down the road they won't need those services," said Otten.

If you want to test your knowledge in this escape room, click here.