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A girl scout troop is behind several yards full of pink flamingos

Troop 2751 has found a cute and colorful way to fundraise this spring and summer.
Credit: Submitted by Ashlea Mcgill-Campbell

If you've seen your neighbors' yards "flocked" with pink flamingos, there's likely a Girl Scout troop behind the display. 

Troop leader Ashlea McGill-Campbell said her troop, 2751 out of Moline, has been "flocking" yards as part of a fundraiser for an upcoming road trip.  The troop is planning to go camping in Tennessee and then to Florida to see the ocean and manatees. 

People in the community have been signing up their friends, family members, neighbors, etc. to have the flamingos set in their yards. Ashlea said some people are doing it in lieu of birthday cards.

"It's a way to let people know you're still thinking about them and kind of pull a prank," she said. She added that it's been especially nice to do amid the pandemic since it's a gesture you can make while still social distancing. 

The birds typically stay in a yard for 24 hours before they fly away to their new home the next day. 

The troop plans to continue the fundraising throughout the summer.  Anyone can request to be "flocked" for a recommended $25 donation. 

Credit: Submitted by Ashlea Mcgill-Campbell