YOUR MONEY with Mark: The recent swings in the stock market

Want to see the swings in the Dow Jones since late February? Here they are.

MOLINE, Ill. — When it comes to YOUR MONEY, we want to take it a step further. That's why Mark Grywacheski appears on Good Morning Quad Cities every Monday to give us his analysis of the latest business, economic, and financial news.

Grywacheski talks with us throughout the week. Here's what he sent me Thursday, March 12th, when it comes to the swings in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, since Monday, February 24. 

2/24       -1,031.61

2/25       -879.44

2/26       -123.77

2/27       -1,190.95

2/28       -357.28


3/2         +1,293.96

3/3         -785.91

3/4         +1,173.45

3/5         -969.58

3/6         -256.50


3/9         -2,013.76

3/10       +1,167.14

3/11       -1,464.94

Fortunately on Friday, March 13th, stocks surged on Wall Street after its worst drop since 1987

The stock market halted trading for 15 minutes Monday morning, after the Dow plunged 2,250 points. This is the third time in two weeks trading has been paused.  

Monday, Grywacheski joined us on Good Morning Quad Cities. He says he doesn't know long this bear market will last, whether it's weeks, months, or years.

"Each and every time [there was a bear market], the market rebounded and went onto set new all time highs," he said.

Because of that, he says investors should still keep their stocks in the market and not overreact to the drops.