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Whitey's Ice Cream Unveils Brand-New, Dairy-Free Flavor

You can find it at all Whitey's locations starting Friday, June 12th!

It's chocolaty, minty... and it's dairy-free!

Whitey's Ice Cream is unveiling its brand-new dairy-free flavor on Friday, June 12th, 2020. The dairy-free and vegan dessert is made with coconut cream and has the same traditional texture of regular ice cream.

"We know that this has been a growing trend in the ice cream industry, but we just wanted to make sure when we came out with a dairy-free flavor, we did it perfectly!” Whitey's Ice Cream Co-Owner Jeff Tunberg said. “It’s delicious –I think we hit the mark!”

“We’ve heard from many customers over the years that they loved Whitey’s Ice Cream, but unfortunately could no longer have dairy, so we are anxious to see what our fans think,” says Jon Tunberg, Whitey’s Ice Cream Co-Owner. “If you are vegan or avoiding diary, there is no need to miss out on Whitey’s now, but we truly believe this flavor is as good as the regular options on our menu, so delicious that even dairy-eaters will enjoy it!"

The new flavor is available at all Whitey's locations starting today and will be available for dips and sundaes, as well as hand-packed quarts and pints.