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Nailed it or Failed it: Beer Brats

We're using up some left over St. Patrick's Day goodies and getting you ready for a warm Spring weekend.

MOLINE, Ill. — For today's Nailed it or Failed it we're making beer Brats with Guinness. If you have some beer leftover from celebrating Saint Patrick's day, this is your chance to use it up and make a great meal for a warm weekend. 

The recipe is simple! Check it out below. 


- Olive Oil
- 6 Bratwurst
- 1 Sweet Onion
- 1 Can of Guinness

1. Saute your onions in some olive oil in a dutch oven or a saute pan with sides.

 2. Remove the onions and add the Brats to the pan. Brown the Brats till they're just barely done.

3. Add the onions back to the pan and pour in your can of Guinness. Let the Brats and onions cook in the beer until the beer turns syrupy- about 12-15 minutes.

In this week's Cocktail of the Week Morgan is whipping up a TikTocktail she's calling it a Corona Sunrise. 

To make the perfect spring sippin' drink you will need: 

-Pack of Coronas
-Orange Juice

The fun of this cocktail is you make it all in the Corona bottle. You just take a few sips out of the bottle and pour equal parts (or whatever your heart desires) of the rest of the ingredients into the bottle. Finish off with a lime and cheers!