NAILED IT OR FAILED IT: An Indoor Activity for Outdoor Creativity

Wallace's Garden Center helps us with this colorful craft

BETTENDORF, Iowa — We are all looking for ways to stay busy... and stay indoors as we practice social distancing. For Nailed It Or Failed It on Friday, March 27th, we visited Wallace's Garden Center to find a craft that will brighten our spirits - and our yards!

General Manager Kate Terrell showed us how to paint flower pots with a special kind of paint. Click the video above to see how to make this colorful craft weather-proof, plus the ways you can get your gardening supplies while Wallace's is closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

For Cocktail of the Week, The Quarantini is trending and there are a lot of version of it. So this week, we made one of them - the Emergen-C(law), which is basically just a packet of Emergen-C Orange and a Natural Lime White Claw. Pour the packet into a glass, then SLOWLY add the White Claw. Mix and enjoy! Click the video below to see what we thought of this coronavirus-inspired concoction: