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Moline schools Share Joys Campaign goes virtual

One of the high school's English teachers joined us live Friday, November 13th to explain how you can help out this year.

MOLINE, Ill. — The cost of the COVID-19 pandemic has been huge, but students in need in the Moline-Coal Valley School District still need your help.

The annual Share Joys Campaign raises money for children, so they can go shop for clothing at JC Penney at the SouthPark Mall. There are always lots of fun ways to try and get fellow students motivated to donate. One of them is the annual donut eating competition in the gym of the high school. Because of COVID though, that's been canceled. 

English teacher Heidi Norcross joined me live Friday, November 13th to explain how the community can help raise money for these students this year.

"Now we're very reliant on the things that we can do which is our online donations," she said Friday. "We're selling T-shirts as well."

If you're interested in donating, click here. Students throughout the district are also going remote starting Monday, November 16th. They'll do that through at least Tuesday, January 5th.