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Jon's first ever NAILED IT... or FAILED IT.

He was in charge of the craft Friday, April 2nd. He shows us how to make Paper Plate Easter Bunnies.

I really need Angie back, but since she doesn't come back until Monday, April 5th, I took on Nailed It or Failed It Friday, April 2nd.

I thought of an easy craft I may be able to do, making a Paper Plate Easter Bunny.


Pipe Cleaner

Pom Poms

Construction Paper

Googly Eyes

Paper Plates





Put the plate face down and take three strings of pipe cleaner. Hold them horizontally and twist them all together, using your hands as a holding point at the center. Once you're done with that, take your glue, glue the pipe cleaner onto the plate, and then you have your whiskers. Next, take your pom pom, glue it onto the whiskers, and then you have your nose.

 Now you're going to take your eyes and paste them onto the bottom of your plate. Then, you have your eyes. Next, take your construction paper and draw out two ears, cut them out, glue them to the bottom of your plate, and then you have your ears. Finally, draw a 'J' and a backwards J, and then you have the mouth, and then ladies and gentleman, you've NAILED IT. If you don't want to take my word for how to do this, click here.

See...I know how to do crafts. 


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