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IN THE KITCHEN with Fareway: How to stay hydrated

Whitney Hemmer from Fareway Food Stores joined us Tuesday, June 2nd to explain how to do it.

ANKENY, Iowa — Being exposed to high heat for a prolonged time can lead to heat exhaustion and heat stroke

· Those most at risk for heat-related problems include

1. Children

2. Athletes and exercisers

3. Outdoor workers

4. Elderly

· Signs of dehydration


    -Flushed skin


    -Increased body temperature

    -Faster breathing and heart rate



    - Labored breathing

· Monitor hydration

   - Urine color: first morning urine is best indicator of hydration status. Dark colored urine is sign of dehydration. Urine may change colors after taking vitamin supplement, which is not an indicator of hydration status.

   - Body weight: monitoring weight after first urine is best time to monitor weight. May be less effective in females due to menstrual cycle.

   - Sweat loss: measure body weight before and after exercise

Fluid losses are increased by

  - Air temperature

  - Exercise intensity and duration

  - Body size and gender

   -Fitness level – well-trained athletes perspire more

Sports drinks

   -Only need if you are engaged in intense physical activity for more than 1 hour without stopping

   -However, if you are more likely to drink more fluids due to the taste of sports drink, that is better than nothing

   -Drink before you’re thirsty and drink on a schedule if outside for a long time

   -Avoid caffeine and alcohol – both increase urine production, therefore affecting hydration

Adult recommendations

  -13 cups for men and 9 cups for women per day

  -17-20 ounces before

  -7-10 ounces every 20 minutes

  -24 ounces after

  -**one adult-sized gulp = 1 ounces

Child Recommendations

   -4-8 ounces before

   -5-9 ounces during

   -24 ounces after

   -**one child-sized gulp = ½ ounce

Tips to stay hydrated

   -Keep water nearby

   -Flavor water with lemon, lime, cucumber, or mint

   -Use a water bottle with measurement lines so you can see how much you’ve consumed

   -Encourage children to drink water regularly, especially when outside

   -Snack on produce with high water content (watermelon, cucumber, melons)

   -Drink 8 ounces before each meal or snack