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IN THE KITCHEN with Fareway: How to host a healthy barbecue

Fareway Food Store's Whitney Hemmer shows us how to do it Tuesday, July 7th.

ANKENY, Iowa — These are Whitney Hemmer's top 3 staples for any grill-out.

1. Watermelon

        -Over 90% water to help you stay hydrated

        -Contains electrolytes lost when you sweat

        -Contains an amino acid to promote blood vessel and joint health       

        (important for exercise)

2. Pork tenderloin

      -Meets the guidelines for extra lean

      -Boneless means no waste, so it’s easy to estimate how much you need 

      (1 pound should equal four servings)

      -Works well with marinade or dry seasoning

      -Can be cooked in the oven if you can’t grill

     -Meat thermometer

     -Safety and quality

     -Pork should be cooked to 145°F

3. Asparagus

     -Can be cooked in packets or directly on the grill grate

     -Inside option if you can’t grill

     -Low calorie: only 4 calories per spear