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IN THE KITCHEN with Fareway: Cooking Related Gift Ideas

Whitney Hemmer shows us what they are Tuesday, December 15th.

ANKENY, Iowa — Digital Meat thermometer

Use a meat thermometer to check internal temperatures of meat for safety and best quality

 - Steaks, chops, roast 145 degrees F

 - Poultry 165 degrees F

 - Ground products 160 degrees F

 - Precooked ham 145 degrees F

Chef’s knife

A chef’s knife (or cook’s knife) is a large, multipurpose knife, so it’s the perfect start to any knife collection. Chef’s knifes have a pointed tip and sloping curve, designed to cut in a rocking motion cutting technique. It works well from everything from herbs to hams to onions.

Cast iron pan

Few kitchen items boast the longevity and versatility of a cast iron skillet. You can get that fresh from the grill taste, without stepping foot outside. Here is why you should invest in one:

· Cast iron is sturdy and built to last. If properly taken care of, one pan could last a lifetime and it should become easier to cook with over time.

· You can cook with cast iron almost anywhere, including stovetop, oven, grill, or campfire.

· Cast iron gets very hot. It retains heat, and distributes heat evenly, so its perfect for searing and cooking meat.

Wonder what cuts work best? Thicker cuts seal in moisture and benefit from a cast iron pan. My favorites are bone-in ribeyes, flank steaks, pork tenderloins, and bone-in chicken breasts.