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IN THE KITCHEN with Fareway: All about peaches

Whitney Hemmer tells us about the fruit Tuesday, July 28th.

ANKENY, Iowa — Color

-white peaches are typically sweeter

-yellow peaches contain more acids, giving them a tangier flavor. However, some of the acid dissipates as they ripen, making them sweeter


-cling peaches: the pit is not easily removed (the fruit “clings” to its pit)

-in season May/June

-use for eating but may not be the best choice for freezing or canning

-freestone: the fruit is easily removed from the pit

-in season June – August

-use for eating, freezing, canning 

Health Benefits per 1 medium peach

-60 calories

-2 grams of fiber

-16% vitamin C

-8% potassium

-9% vitamin A