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Illinois State House Rep. Candidate Joan Padilla joins us live

The candidate appeared live Wednesday, September 2nd.

Illinois State House Rep. Candidate Joan Padilla joined us live Wednesday, September 2nd during Good Morning Quad Cities. 

The democratic state house candidate is going up against incumbent Tony McCombie in the general election Tuesday, November 3rd. The two are facing off again this year after McCombie won in 2018 by 18%. Padilla is running for office in Illinois' 71st district, which includes parts of Rock Island, Whiteside, and Carroll Counties.

We asked Padilla why she's running again, and how she would handle the virus if elected into office. She says residents needs to wear a mask, calling it a minor inconvenience for the protection of yourself and for those that you care for, even if it makes things strange or not normal.

"But in the long run, I wear my mask for you. You wear your mask for me, and together, we wear the mask for our community to be healthy," she said Wednesday morning.

Wednesday's interview aired between 6 and 6:30 a.m. during Good Morning Quad Cities.