GMQC tries “The Triangle” dance challenge… and fails

Let’s just say the GMQC crew needs some practice.

What's trending? Good Morning Quad Cities anchors Jonathan Ketz and Angie Sharp as well as meteorologist Eric Sorensen tried the new internet dance craze, "The Triangle."

The move is done with three people holding on to each other's shoulders. When done correctly, members of the triangle alternate jumping in between the other two while the group bounces up and down together.

Let's just say the GMQC crew needs some practice.

Watch the video above to how its done... and how it's not done!

Try it yourself! Follow these steps:

  • Get together with two of your friends or family
  • Decide the order you will follow to determine who will jump in the middle
  • Grab onto each other's shoulders and don't let go!
  • Start bouncing, setting a consistent rhythm
  • When it is your turn, jump forward into the middle of your two friends

Got a good video of you or people you know doing "The Triangle?" Send it to Jon, Angie or Eric on their Facebook pages.