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COCKTAIL(S) OF THE WEEK: The Mississippi River Distilling Company

Ryan Burchett hooked us up Friday, July 24th.

LE CLAIRE, Iowa — Mississippi River Distilling Company Co-Owner Ryan Burchett got me four different bottles of alcohol from his spot off of Cody Road for our Cocktail of the Week segment Friday, July 24th. 

Angie got a Moscow Mule Cocktail with River Pilot Vodka, Ginger Beer, Mint, and Lime. 

Morgan got Pirate Juice, which is Cody Road Rye, pineapple, mango, coconut, lemon and bitters. 

I got the Razzbaron Lemonade, which is River Baron, Fresh Lemon, and Raspberry. 

Madison got Bourbon Peach Tea, which is Cody Road Bourbon, Big Peach Liquer and sweet tea. 

Thanks to new Iowa laws, you can now stop into the Distillery and grab a bottle of cocktails, just like we got. They're available by the bottle for $30 each. For more information on the distillery's hours, click here.