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Ag in the Classroom: How to support our dairy farmers

Video from April of this year got Cambridge High School Senior Bradleigh Schaefer thinking of ways to help out our dairy farmers.

DONAHUE, Iowa — In April, News Eight's Elanor Tabone brought the you the story of farmers dumping out their milk.

Cows can produce nine gallons of milk a day at the Cinnamon Ridge Farms, but with no one to sell to, they've had to dispose massive amounts because they have too much of it, so how can you support dairy farmers during this tough time? Cambridge High School's Bradleigh Schaefer showed me a way to use your milk, while not even drinking it. That way, farmers aren't wasting it. Watch the video above to see how. 

Schaefer says she does have hope for farmers in general. The US Department of Agriculture recently announced a $19 billion coronavirus relief package. Nearly $10 billion of that will go to livestock farmers who are losing money because of meat processing plant shutdowns and disruptions in the supply chain.