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Social distancing is a walk in the park

Here are some of our favorite hikes around Seattle. #k5evening

Health officials recommend we keep our distance from each other to prevent the spread of coronavirus. But we can still get close to nature. And there are plenty of scenic strolls not too far from population centers all across Western Washington.

Just outside Olympia, Brewery Park at Tumwater Falls a half-mile trail along the roaring Deschutes River, near the old Olympia Brewery.

Local historian Don Trosper says, "We have, not only the old pre-Prohibition brewery down below, but also we have the post-Prohibition brewery up above."

The trail even crosses the bridge that appears on millions of beer cans.

"People are walking across the Olympia Beer label, I guess you'd say," jokes Trosper.

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Seattle's Discovery Park boasts more than 12 miles of trails from forest to waterfront.

Twenty minutes from Oak Harbor, Ebey's Landing on Whidbey Island is an easy hike with spectacular scenery.

And hiking guide author Craig Romano recommends a visit to Spencer Island, just a couple miles from downtown Everett. The 6.5-mile round trip is a birdwatcher's dream.

"There's always eagles here," Romano says, "always herons, lots of ducks."

Romano is also a big fan of Seattle's Dead Horse Canyon. It offers a one-mile walk in the country without leaving the city.

"Rainier Avenue is a half a mile away."

The place got its name from its logging past when a "dead horse" referred to fallen timber. But here's there are plenty of beautiful live trees to look up to.

You don't have to travel far to find a hiking adventure. 

Romano says, "A lot of people don't realize what's in their own back yards."

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