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Quad Cities musician back from European tour with EP, ‘Lungs’

Matt Van is a musician, songwriter and music producer from the Quad Cities.

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois -- Local musician Matt Van is back from touring Europe with his new EP, "Lungs."

Van recently spent five weeks touring in Europe, according to his Instagram account. He returned to the Quad Cities in late October and promptly set up a show at the same place he released "Lungs" just two months prior.

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5 weeks, 25 shows, and 3 countries later—I have mixed emotions after performing my final set tonight. This has been some of the hardest, most rewarding work I’ve done in my life thus far. I experienced ups, downs, fear, excitement, and so many contrasting emotions I could bore you with; but ultimately, the predominating feeling that I’m left with is a sense of pride in myself for choosing to go on this adventure. I had been planning this tour for nearly a year while I was feeling profoundly unfulfilled with my former career path, and I can’t fully describe how glad I am that I stepped out of my comfort zone to make this journey happen. If anybody reading this is having doubts with where they are in life, I would strongly encourage you to pursue something that you know is worth pursuing. It may seem like a scary thing to do, whatever it may be, but it’s worth it. I promise. 💙

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Van is a musician, songwriter and music producer from the Quad Cities. He first started as a pharmacist. However, his music started becoming popular online, and he left his job to pursue music full-time.

"Lungs" features a more subdued tone, contrasting several of his upbeat songs in his album, "Please, Respond," with a melancholy series that maintains his signature electro-accoustic mix.

Check out his music, here.

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