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Rock Island's MLK Center hosts 39th annual memorial service for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The ceremony included guest keynote speaker, Thurgood Brooks who highlighted Dr. King's legacy and how it can continue in the Quad Cities community.

ROCK ISLAND, Ill. — The Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center hosted its 39th annual Memorial Service in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

"It's just an opportunity to encourage folks to be really thoughtful about the stances and the opinions that they make," said Jerry Jones, Executive Director of the Martin Luther King Center. "Because, it's very important as we move forward in this nation."

The event's keynote speaker, Thurgood Brooks highlighted the civil right activist's legacy and how the community can continue it.

"Each of us, each and every one of us knows that together, we will build together to arise. And together we will stand. And together we will overcome. I will take an active stance to accurately celebrate the diversity brought down in Quad Cities," Brooks said during his speech.

The Rock Island activist believes society may not be too far from reaching Dr. King's dream.

"I think we really close, uniquely close. I mean, it really comes down to understanding the art of debate. It has been lost in society, a large part of debating is understanding the opposite point of view," Brooks said.

Rock Island County's NAACP President, Bonnie Ballard took home the center's "I Have a Dream" Award.

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